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ConneXions 2017


This was my first time at ConneXions, and I had a blast! It was a great group of attendees, though light in attendance on Friday and Sunday. I felt extremely lucky to have such a great slash con so close to my home. Still, I got a hotel room so I didn’t have to worry about traveling to and from every day. I was especially glad for this when a panel I suggested and offered to mod was accepted.


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Awesome Con 2017- Day 1

Friday, Day 1:
I woke up about an hour later than usual and had a leisurely but efficient breakfast before heading off to the Metro. I began reading Pack Animals (Torchwood #7) by Peter Anghelides on the long ride to the Library of Congress. While walking from the metro station to the LOC building, I passed two women around my age taking photos of a group of people walking across the street, escorted by the police. I have been watching news nonstop for the past two weeks, but I didn’t recognize anyone in the group (and I’ve been watching a lot of news). Looked like it might have been a representative and her congressional aides, but I’ve no clue. Anyway, I got to the Thomas Jefferson Library of Congress Building a little before 11.

LOC1The Library of Congress put together a really neat pop-up exhibit only available for a few days, called Library of Awesome. It was filled with parts of the LOC collection, grouped by themes. It was a great reminder that the LOC preserves these parts of culture that are important to fans. The people behind me as we went through the different exhibit rooms were in the most AMAZING Wonder Woman and Black Panther outfits ever. There was also a brave young man in an amazing Fantastic Four outfit. There were so many great comics on display, I couldn’t begin to list them all. But I did take photos of some of my favorites. In one room they had clips from TV shows playing and I walked in just as Buffy was sacrificing herself (feels!), following by a clip of Doctor Who with the Tenth Doctor. It was a surreal to be standing in the largest library in the entire world, watching Buffy and Doctor Who and looking at first appearances of comic book characters in print! There was also a neat letter from Gene Roddenbery to Carl Sagan.

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CONfabulation 2017

Badge2This weekend, I had a wonderful time at CONfabulation, a multi-fandom convention by the people who brought us Wincon. As always, it’s hard to adjust to real life again after several days of being a fangirl at the height of excitement and being uncensored around/among my people. So I thought I’d write it up while the experience is still somewhat fresh.

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Top Ten: Harry Potter Couples (Slash Version)

Last year, I put together a list of Top Ten Favorite Het Fandom Couples. And of course I wrote a list of Top Ten Harry Potter Ships I Can’t Believe I Wrote. So I thought it was about time to make a list of my favorite slash couples in Harry Potter. These are the ones I read & write most often.

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Top Ten: Buttons

Okay, not really a top ten… just a selection of ten favorites from my button/pin collection (which I keep in an old shortbread tin shaped like a kilt that sits on the pass-through from my kitchen to living room/dining area… which is possibly not where most people keep their collections of buttons/pins, now that I think about it). Note to self: do more top ten lists this way.


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Top Ten Fandomy Things I’m Thankful For

TopTenTurkeyEveryone’s putting together serious lists of gratitude lately, in honor of Thanksgiving. This has always been my least favorite holiday, miles below holidays like Skyscraper Day and Opposite Day and National Beheading Day (wait, there’s actually a National Beheading Day on September 2? What’s that about and can I at least pretend it has something to do with Highlander?). Anyway, I decided my first top ten list on this blog should be of a somewhat less serious nature…

Top Ten Fandomy Things I’m Thankful For

  1. Podcasts I Don’t Listen To- podcasts that stop downloading automatically in iTunes when I can’t keep up with them
  2. TeeMagnet- one-stop shop for my daily t-shirt addiction, for which my bank account is less grateful than I am
  3. LEGO Fandom Licenses- it was the LEGO Harry Potter sets that brought me out of the dark ages. The DC, Star Wars, Marvel, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Lord of the Rings ones have kept me there
  4. Things that Shouldn’t Exist on YouTube- but totally do. I’ve spent countless hours watching old TV shows from my childhood that amazing people have put on YouTube so aren’t lost to time and old formats
  5. Slash Fiction- taking my love of buddy-buddy moments just that one awesome step further; also, it’s a great SPN episode
  6. Netflix Streaming- to obsessively binge-watch television shows I had no idea I wanted to watch until I started them… and then I can’t stop watching
  7. Comment Fic Memes- don’t know who thought this up, but it’s the best idea ever to have a sea of irresistible plot bunnies and no pressure to write anything long or involved–pure fun
  8. Wizard Rock Concerts- there’s nothing like singing along and dancing with tons of fellow fans to creative songs about one of your favorite fandoms
  9. Pound Puppies- hey, it was my first real fandom; I even wrote fanfic for it more than a decade before I even knew the term “fanfiction”
  10. Fandom Friends- once upon a time, I dreamed of having friends who I could talk to about my favorite TV shows. Then along came the internet and meetup.com groups. Wish granted!

So It Begins (My NaNoWriMo ’13 Week 1)

My first week of NaNoWriMo 2013 went well. My adventure began at the NaNoWriMo kickoff party on October 27 and continues today, which happens to be the Writing Marathon day. Today is also a great day for donating, which is why my Eeyore user icon on the NaNoWriMo site now sports a halo (over his butt—LOL!). I’m doing NaNoRebel this year, which means I’m working on a bunch of different projects and counting all my words on them toward my total word count.


Here are my accomplishments for this week:

  1. Finished the last 10 chapters on a story-a-day type fanfiction project (Supernatural slash, hurt/comfort)
  2. Wrote and finished a Strokes (my original character series) short story that I’ve been wanting to write for 8 years now; it’s the final story in a short story collection I want to put together and self-publish.
  3. Began my urban fantasy/supernatural young adult novel. It actually started a whole long stronger than I thought it would and now I’m even more excited about writing it. I just love that “new story” feel. It’s about 7 pages long right now.
  4. Started my Marvel hurt/comfort big bang story during my first write-in last night. I’m not very far in and it’s not going wonderfully. I might skip ahead a little to some of the big scenes and use them as anchors for the rest of the story. But it’s about 1,000 words right now, so at least I managed to start it.

I tried writing just a novel last year, but I really do think I’m happiest when I can work on a lot of things. And it’s tough giving up fanfiction for a whole month. So doing NaNoRebel is working out for me again. I’ve got a little over 15,000 words written. Here’s to another 35,000 words… and more!