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Made it Monday: Mushroom

Here’s a stuffie I made out of felt for a Nintendo swap. Not entirely perfect, but I think he turned out kind of cute 🙂


Top Ten Tuesday: Original NES Songs

On Sunday, I hooked up my childhood Nintendo (yes, my original one from 1988/1989; it still works perfectly, as do all the games). I popped in Dr. Mario at once and started playing. It really took me back. Last year, I found a nice website dedicated to video game music. Without further ado… Oh, but keep in mind I pretty much had to buy my own video games and I didn’t have a lot of money as a kid; so there isn’t very much variety 😉


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Top Ten: T-Shirts (Part 1)

These are fandom shirts I have purchased from Shirt Woot. I don’t buy a lot from there lately (TeeFury gets most of my business lately, because they email me with their t-shirts daily), but I do have some from this company by various artists. I suspect I will do other posts of this sort in the future. I’ve got a shirt-buying problem. LOL


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Mario Marathon 7

MarioMarathon2014-01I look forward to the Maraio Marathon every year. A bunch of friends get together and play tons of Mario games. They take turns playing so that at any time–day or night–there is Mario goodness happening. How long they play (how many games & levels they must get to) has to do with how much money gets donated. So the more money they raise, the longer they play. All money goes to a great charity, Child’s Play Charity, which gives video games to children in hospitals.

I just made my donation (though I tend to donate additionally in little bits throughout the marathon as well).

As I’m still recovering from gallbladder surgery last week, I look forward to taking it easy and watching these guys play all weekend! Do the Mario!

Oohh, they have a donation widget!

License Plate: MR10 KRT

I was always terrible at car/driving video games. Still, I’ve got to love this one. How perfect for a license plate!


Please note that I did not throw any barrels at the car or try to pass it.

Craft: Super Mario Bros ATC

Every other Thursday, I’ve been posting crafts. I’m going to try to make one of those posts each month an ATC.

So here’s my Super Mario Brothers ATC. It was the only one I did out of a series of classic video games. Super Mario Brothers was my first real video game love as a kid (I saved my babysitting money and allowance all summer to buy a Nintendo system).


I found some images of the baddies and reduced them in size as well as cutting out the backgrounds. After printing them on cardstock, I carefully trimmed around the edges (some shapes were easier than others… I think I clipped one of the koopa troopa’s wings–oops!). I drew in the background and then glued the characters on in a fun arrangement. Sadly, it’s going to be pretty impossible for Mario to get out of this situation I put him in, but I’d like to see him try!


I picked up a Mario Brothers trading card pack at the store for $1 and used one of them as the base of the card. I like doing that with ATCs and leaving some of the original card showing on the back.

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