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Fanvid: That Girl’s a Genius

To finish Women’s Month, here’s a fun Veronica Mars tribute vid by Liza. (Explicit language)

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Recent Marathons (More 50-Word Reviews)

Some recently finished shows to review…

Veronica Mars: Definitely worth waiting all this time for. I loved Veronica and enjoyed watching her struggles and adventures. She’s clever and strong and smart in ways others can only dream of being. But things are rarely easy for her; great tension and cast dynamics. Looking forward to the movie!

Haven (S1-S3): Though I’m a Stephen King fan, I think I got about a third of the references—I considered each I got to be a victory, though. Interesting concept and twists, but started going downhill for me in S3. Will have to wait to see where it goes post-barn!

The Following: Watched because I like Poe’s stories. Concept was dark and terrible (killings/cult based on his stories) but kind of interesting because of that. Kevin Bacon was great. Started losing me about halfway through when it got to be predictable, but I finished the season because I was invested.

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (S1) It’s been so long, it was a joy to fall back in love with the show and reacquaint myself with the characters. Go Dr. Mike! There was so much I’d forgotten and many good moments. I still apparently have crushes on Sully, Matthew, and Horace.

Top Ten: Fannish New Year’s Resolutions

Here are some of my New Year’s resolutions that relate to fandoms.

Ten Fannish New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Get caught up on Supernatural
  2. Get caught up on Doctor Who
  3. Finish reading the Star Wars Jedi Apprentice series
  4. Watch Veronica Mars
  5. Watch the Gilmore Girls
  6. Finish writing my Marvel universe hurt/comfort Big Bang fic
  7. Organize the display case shelves in my living room
  8. Finish archiving all my fics at AO3
  9. Post regularly with fandom craft posts (every other Thursday?)
  10. Keep up with monthly swaps in all my fandom swap-bot groups

Let’s see where I am with these goals this time next year!

Addendum: If you’ve got suggestions for a top ten list you’d like me to write, feel free to post ’em!