License Plates: Lady Gaga Fans

As I did last year, in honor of Valentine’s Day, here are two more cars whose owners really ought to get to know each other.

Two cars with Virginia license plates reading: GAGA FAN and L8Y GAGA

License Plate: GEEKS

I thought I’d start the year off with something simple and full of pride: geeks!

Virginia license plate reading: GEEKS

License Plate: FALKQR

I don’t have a holiday license place on hand to share, so here’s one that—unless I’m reading it wrong—pays tribute to Falkor from The Never Ending Story.

Virginia license plate reading: FALKQR

License Plate: B1U B0X

A wonderful Doctor Who tribute car!

TARDIS sticker and a Virginia license plate reading: B1U B0X

License Plate: DARTH ME

Here’s a scary one from a galaxy far, far away in honor of Halloween later this month.

License plate reading: DARTH ME

License Plate: DR PIR8

In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day this month (September 18) here is another piratey vanity plate!

Virginia license plate reading: DR PIR8
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License Plate: LEGOGAL

I always associate August with LEGO (because of the Brickfair Convention). So here’s a LEGO car I spotted at Brickfair a few years back.

Virginia license plate reading: LEGOGAL

Fanvid: Stronger

A tribute to DC heroines from Sopphires.

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License Plate: HORCRUX

I first spotted this car on the road in February 2016. I got a lovely, blurry action shot of it while driving. A month later, I found it parked outside a grocery store at night. Happy Harry Potter month! Watch out for this car!

Virginia license plate reading: HORCRUX

Fanvid: Whatever It Takes

In honor of Independence Day, for those who celebrate it, here’s a Stucky video by Belochka to “Whatever It Takes” by Imagine Dragons.

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