The End of Another Era

Up and down and up again, we finally have the final title credits song for the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit franchise, sung by none other than Billy Boyd. What a fitting end to a great set of movies.

If you don’t mind being spoiled musically, you can listen to the song right now on Billboard:

This song reduced me to tears the first time I heard it (when it was up briefly a few days ago on YouTube), and it does the same to me each time I re-listen to it. I suspect that I will be a puddle by the end of the final Hobbit film.

The soundtrack is available for preorder online (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) and will be released December 9 (standard) and December 16 (2-CD special edition).

License Plate: HGWRT5

I got my letter, wand, robes, school books, and cauldron. I’m all set.


Another license plate belonging to someone in my Harry Potter meeetup group.

Eeyore and a Witch

While on a solo snarfari in Boston (my third such adventure there) Eeyore and I found this plaque about Goodwife Ann Glover, the first Catholic Martyr in Massachusetts who was an Irish widow hanged as a witch because she refused to renounce her Catholic faith.

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Top Ten: Scary T-Shirts

In honor of the upcoming holiday, here are some of my scariest fandom shirts. And by scary I mean not very scary at all really.

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Quiz: Which Disney Villain Are You?

Quiz: Which Disney Villain Are You?

Answer: Maleficent
You are the Mistress of all evil, with all the powers of HELL!!!!

Thoughts: YES! She’s my favorite! I hate not being included, too. Poor, misunderstood Maleficent.

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Craft: X-Files ATCs

Sticking with me partially scary theme of crafts this October, here are two ATCs I made for the X-Files. They were of two of my swap-bot partner’s favorite episodes. I designed them to look like FBI case files and actually cut up a real manila file folder to make them. I typed up descriptions and made fake little Polaroid photos for the inside as well. They are possibly the most fun I’ve ever had with ATCs!




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Quiz: Which DC Villain Are You?

Quiz: Which DC Villain Are You?

Answer: Killer Frost
Core member of the Injustice League. You’re misunderstood and you want revenge from the people from treating you different.

Thoughts: I certainly do have “unique abilities.” This was such a fun quiz! I don’t know Killer Frost too well, but I think she fits me better than many of the other possibilities. And blue is definitely my color.

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Quiz: Which Charmed Demon Are You?

I started to take this quiz about which Charmed character I am. But I stopped at question three “How do you where your hair?” because I had no idea. My hair be on my head. Where your hair?

Quiz: Which Charmed Demon Are You?

Answer: Banshee

Thoughts: Wow. Sorry, men. I knew my singing was bad, but I had no idea it was that bad. Once again, one of these demon quizzes picks up on my preference for justice. This quiz was painful grammatically as well (lots of “sum1″s). What a shame.

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Craft: Impala Matchbox

It being October, I looked for scary crafts to showcase here and didn’t come up with too much.

So here are my favorite boys out hunting demons in their little impala matchbox.



I used lots of different shots of the impala from the show, resized, and fit them together to form the car. Inside is a devil’s trap and supplies needed for a good salt & burn.

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License Plate: LTSABER

I have seen this one several times now on my morning commute, so I am pretty sure I know where this person was headed.


This is one giant light saber.

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