Quote Friday: Harry Potter

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.”
~Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter

Thing Thursday: Pins and Things

For a HP collection swap, I put together a collection of some of my Harry Potter buttons, bands, jewelry, and other small items.


License Plate: PQRTKEY

I thought I’d start out July with some Harry Potter goodness in license plate form. This is my friend’s license plate, but check out the bumper stickers and license plate holders as well! Too magical!



Tabletop Tuesday: Firefly

I love watching tabletop games being played. It’s entertaining, fun, and drama-filled. That’s probably why I enjoy the Tabletop series so much. I enjoy playing them, as well, but not as much as watching. Still, ever since the Firefly board game came out, I’ve wanted to play it. It made an appearance at the DADA meetup group’s annual Game Day event, but there wasn’t time enough to play it then.


So when a friend bought it, we made plans to play one Friday evening. It terrified us a bit. So we abandoned it after about 5 minutes and played a round of Lord of the Rings DVD Trivial Pursuit instead. Then we felt braver and gave the setup a more serious try.

I’d like to say the hardest part trying to figure out the size of the table we’d need to play it. We tried a coffee table then the dining room table then ended up on the floor in front of the television playing an episode of Firefly we had to pause after 10 minutes because we needed all of our brain cells just to set the game up. But, unfortunately, setup and understanding the rules was the hardest part. For two people not used to some of these game matrices (is that even the correct term?). Setting up the game and reading through the instruction book took us hours. Literally. There was one point where I was willing to PAY someone to explain the game to me.

But we finally got there in the end and STARTED the game late into the evening. I was still a little terrified as we began playing, not sure I was doing it right, not sure what move to make. And I definitely made a couple stupid mistakes. I ran an entire mission I didn’t need. Luckily, our crews were pretty evenly matched and it came down to the luck of the draw when we were misbehaving in illegal jobs we were working. I got some good cards and my captain came out victorious with a win.

From start to finish, I want to say it took us around 5 hours to set up and run a game that should have taken 1-2 hours. But I’m confident that next time we attempt it, even if it’s a different story card, we’ll be a lot better. Maybe we’ll even manage a 2-hour game in less than 4 hours!

Made it Monday: Tea Holder

I used this simple pillow box tutorial to create this little pillow box to hold some tea for a swap. This one is Classic Pooh-themed, so I found some honey-flavored tea to put into it. I drew a honeycomb pattern on it.

Quote Friday: QAF


“This isn’t about me… or even what happened at school. This is about speaking out, demanding to be heard whether people want to hear you or not.”
~Justin, Queer as Folk

Thing Thursday: 4 Fantasy Movies

FantasyCollectionI spotted this four-pack of fantasy movies at Walmart last week in the $5 bin and couldn’t resist buying it. I’ve never seen Neverwas, but it’s got a great cast (Ian McKellen, William Hurt, Jessiva Lange, Alan Cumming, and more) so I think it’ll be worth a watch some day. And Pinocchio has always kind of creeped me out, but I might give it a try eventually.

I saw A Wrinkle in Time on TV when it first came out. It didn’t measure up to my mental image of the book from my childhood, but it did have Dr. David from Queer as Folk, and that’s good enough for me :-)

But I really bought this DVD for The Neverending Story III. I have only seen that movie once. And I believe that one time was in German on a VHS copy of something LONG before it was ever released in the US. I know it’s nothing close to as magical as the first movie or even the second. But as I own those on DVD, I definitely jumped at the chance to own the third and final in the trilogy. I look forward to watching it for the first time in English!

Wildcard Wednesday: Art Inspires Art

One of my coworkers sent me this story this week: The Poet Laureate of Fan Fiction. As usual, I’m always the last to hear interesting news.

“I hope readers find meaning in my work. Even if that meaning slides away from my intention.”

In this case, it’s the story of poetry used to inspire Wincest and Johnlock fanfic. Now, I believe in my fellow slashers’ ability to read slash into anything, because I do the same thing. There’s a Byron poem or two that I’m convinced tell the story of Remus/Sirius pretty damn well. But this is the first time I’ve ever read about a poet not only acknowledging this interpretation but apparently having fun with it. Richard Siken has some things to say about it.

“So how do we respect an original work while we aggregate around it?”

I really enjoy seeing literary discussions of fanfiction, but those discussions never seem to discuss slashfic. So I found this discussion especially fascinating. There’s a lot in here that makes you think about the nature of fanfic, which I think is lovely and healthy, even if I don’t agree with all of it.

“I think my poems enact a space for complicated, multivalent relationships. I think that’s the draw.”

In general, this article just made me happy… and a little sad that this was the first I’d heard of it! Clearly I write too much in my own little communities and don’t venture out enough. And, clearly, I’ve got some poetry that I need to read soon. So far, I especially like “Road Music.”

“I read somewhere that “Siken ships harder than the entire fandom,” so I decided to ship intentionally.”

And maybe I have some more slash fanfic to write in my future? What am I saying? Of course I do.

TV Tuesday: What to Watch Next?

Say, hypothetically, I wanted to catch up on a few shows sitting in my Netflix “My List” that I started and never finished. And say, hypothetically, I was bad at making choices.

Help a fangirl out?

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Made It Monday: Horga’hn

Last year for Captain Picard Day (come on, you know you celebrated it too) I made a mini Horga’hn statue for my partner in a swap, among other items. Took a bit of mixing to get the right color brown, and it took days to dry. At one point, it got knocked over and I had to rebuild and reshape it. And parts kept collapsing. Clearly, this thing would have been a lot better made of wood and not play-dough. But, in the end, I think it turned out all right.



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