Eeyore and Edgar

Eeyore hangs out with Edgar Allan Poe in Richmond, VA. I took this photo in 2011 while on snarfari with some of my Markeroon friends!

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Top Ten: Fandom Things I Wish I Could Make

Sometimes I will pin things on my Ideas & Inspirations Pinterest board with every intention of trying my hand at that project or something similar to it at least. But every so often I come across a craft that is so amazing I could never hope to duplicate it.

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Quiz: What ’80s Sitcom Are You?

Quiz: What ’80s Sitcom Are You Most Like?

Answer: It’s a Living

Thoughts: I have never seen this show. I enjoy the resourcefulness present in this description, though I’d really hoped I’d get a show I knew! I recognized SO MANY shows mentioned in the questions (was especially thrilled to see Perfect Strangers there) but, no, I get one I’ve never seen. Oh well. The quiz was loads of fun to take!

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Craft: Dawn ATC

Here’s an ATC I made of Dawn from Buffy the vampire slayer.


The quote I used was: “I could so save the world if somebody handed me superpowers!” ~Dawn Summers

Top Ten Random Fanfic Fandoms

I’ve written a whole lot of fanfic over the years. Here are the top ten obscure fandoms in which I’ve written fanfic. In fact, for each of these, I’ve only written one fanfic (and will never write another, in most cases)

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Quiz: What 1960s TV Girl are you?

Quiz: What 1960s TV Girl are you?

Answer: Julia Baker, Julia

Thoughts: I’ve maybe seen one or two episodes of Julia, so I’m not sure how accurate this is. But I love family and I like the caregiver-ness. And, hey, it’s nice to be groundbreaking! :-)

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Top Ten Excuses

Because… well… it’s Tuesday and I need to post another list now.

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Quiz: Which Cult Film Are You?

Quiz: Which Cult Film Are You?

Answer: You are Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory!
You’re a visionary and an idealist. You have grandiose dreams of making the world a better place. But in order to do so, you have to test who will be part of your team… and if they don’t have what it takes… OUT!

Thoughts: I have never been and will never be called an idealist. I do have dreams and goals, but they’re only necessary to keep me from being lazy. I definitely fit the second half of the description, though. And I’m pretty crazy, just like this film. I’ve been known to break into song and binge on candy, so that’s pretty accurate.

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Craft: House Elf Sign

Here’s a spot for socks without matches to find a most important home: with house elves.

This was another craft inspired by several different versions I saw on Pinterest. I made this for a swap, but I also wanted to make one for my local Harry Potter group because we’re having a tea in honor of Dobby (and his tea cozy). But I made mine more general for any house elf that needs freeing.



  • Chalk board
  • Clothespin
  • Chalk
  • Sock
  • Glue gun
  • Markers

Original Inspiration:

Top Ten: Fandoms on My Bookcase

FandomBookcase I have the best parents and friends in the world.

My parents worked their butts off for months and now I have a beautiful new floor in my basement. This means I could finally start moving all my bookcases and books from my parents’ house to my new home library.

Three of my best friends came over this past weekend to help me catalog my enormous Mt. To Be Read and to start sorting through my books. The good news is that I now have more than 7 boxes of books I’m giving away or BookCrossing. The less good news… I have to fit the other 63 boxes of books on my bookcases somehow (and that doesn’t include a few crates of audiobooks). The only two bookcases completely done at this point are, as you might have guessed, my fandom bookcase and my graphic novel/manga bookcase.

Of course, I have many of the fandoms you might expect on my fandom bookcase: Harry Potter*, Lord of the Rings*, Buffy & Angel, Star Wars, Star Trek*, Doctor Who, etc. But here’s a list of a few fandoms you might not expect to see represented on my fandom bookcase.

* Not all of the books in these fandoms fit on the fandom bookcase and had to spill out into other bookcases such as the series bookcase or one of my TBR bookcases.

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