Top Ten: Scary T-Shirts

In honor of the upcoming holiday, here are some of my scariest fandom shirts. And by scary I mean not very scary at all really.

Top Ten Scary Fandom T-Shirts

  1. Vampire Killing Kit- I wore this to a Twilight movie theater showing


  2. The Mummy- This one’s almost too scary for me to wear! My uncle used to work for Seagrams which was owned by Universal, so they sent me this t-shirt


  3. Meet Joe Black- Same story as above. I couldn’t find a picture of this; it’s just a black shirt with the movie name in the pocket area (though there’s no pocket). It’s scary how bad this movie was.


  4. Dalek Needs a Hug- I know this is a badge image, but that’s just what the shirt looks like. There’s nothing scarier than hugging one of these guys!


  5. Four Little Ponies of the Apocalypse- I’ve used this in another list, but it’s worth appearing as many times as it likes


  6. Flesh Wound- The Black Knight always triumphs!


  7. Nevermore- Wait, is Poe a fandom? Well, it is now.


  8. Dean & Sam- Possibly the scariest shirt I own


  9. We’ve Got Some Work to Do Now- This is one of my favorite shirts EVER. I love the details and the characterizations.


  10. Who Wants to Live Forever?- Queen AND classic monster movies? Heck yeah!


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