Book of the Month: February 2014

TheRoadsNotTaken I’ve got a lot of books on my plate right now I’m eager to read, but this one keeps calling to me anyway. So this month’s Book of the Month is Supernatural: The Roads Not Taken by Tim Waggoner.

It’s a choose-your-own-adventure-style television tie-in novel. It’s also one that jumped out at me unexpectedly. I learned about it in the fall and, given how much I love choose your own adventures (I even helped run a BookCrossing convention with that theme), I immediately put it on my “Future To Be Read” list (a list of books I’ve heard about that I want to track down/buy/borrow and read. A day later, I was at work, pulling old Job List (career advice) articles from our old archives and moving them onto our new website. One of the articles from over a decade ago had a URL in the author’s bio. I clicked it to make sure the URL still worked and it redirected to the author’s new website. Right there on the front page of the website was this very book I’d just put on my list of books I wanted to read!

At Christmas, I was thrilled to receive a copy of this book from a great online friend. I am looking forward to reading some new adventures with Sam and Dean. I just hope I don’t get my boys killed.

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