Recent Marathons (More 50-Word Reviews)

Some recently finished shows to review…

Veronica Mars: Definitely worth waiting all this time for. I loved Veronica and enjoyed watching her struggles and adventures. She’s clever and strong and smart in ways others can only dream of being. But things are rarely easy for her; great tension and cast dynamics. Looking forward to the movie!

Haven (S1-S3): Though I’m a Stephen King fan, I think I got about a third of the references—I considered each I got to be a victory, though. Interesting concept and twists, but started going downhill for me in S3. Will have to wait to see where it goes post-barn!

The Following: Watched because I like Poe’s stories. Concept was dark and terrible (killings/cult based on his stories) but kind of interesting because of that. Kevin Bacon was great. Started losing me about halfway through when it got to be predictable, but I finished the season because I was invested.

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (S1) It’s been so long, it was a joy to fall back in love with the show and reacquaint myself with the characters. Go Dr. Mike! There was so much I’d forgotten and many good moments. I still apparently have crushes on Sully, Matthew, and Horace.
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