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Thing Thursday: The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

ManFromUncleThe Rogers Revue, a fantastic entertainment blog held a contest when the Man from U.N.C.L.E. movie came out… and I won! Squee!

I got the first season of the television show on DVD (which arrived in the mail so fast I was stunned). I have watched a lot of the show on TV when the repeats were on years ago but I look forward to watching the first season properly now, in order. The actors are so young! I mean, David looks like he’s 18! heehee I wasn’t so sure how I felt about the movie remake, because so much of the show for me was these particular actors. But I saw a newer trailer the other day and actually felt pretty good about the movie.

I’ve already made plans with my mom to have a fun night watching some of it together 🙂

So you should totally check out The Rogers Revue and also like them on Facebook. They run a lot of fun contests—you too could be a winner! And they provide some really great entertainment news about everything from books and theater to television and movies. If nothing else, check out some of the awesome interviews they’ve done.

I Can Has Blogs

Me: Hi, my name is Kate and I’m addicted to creating blogs.
Everyone: Hi, Kate!

I have a lot of websites and a lot of blogs. It seems every time I come up with a new obsession, I create a blog for it. I start buying a lot of music and decide to review some of it? I start a music blog. I want to keep track of the books I read? I start a book blog. I come out of the dark ages and become an official Adult Fan of LEGO? I start a LEGO blog. I join a Writers’ Roundtable and try NaNoWriMo? I start a writing blog. I take up Markeroni and photograph historical markers and buildings? I start a travel blog.

I’m great at starting things. I’m a gosh darn pro at starting things. I get a fun idea in my head, I plan. And the planning is thrilling. Then I create. All the plans come together beautifully into a final project I’m happy with: a new blog. I’ll update it religiously. And then not quite as often. And then I sit and stew in the guilt of not having updated it in ages, wondering if it’s worth trying to revive.

The purpose of this blog is for me to tie all my fandom obsessions together in one central place. I also hope to be brutally honest with myself, which I suspect may ring a bell with some people, may inspire discussion, and may be embarrassingly hilarious.

It’s tough being a busy fangirl. Movies, books, tv shows, crafts, games, meetups, cons–when does a girl find time to squeeze in a blog post? I guess we’re about to find out the answer to that question…

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