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I am a Watcher

“I am a watcher,
part of a secret society of men and women
who observe and record, but never interfere.
We know the truth about immortals”

Never interfere? Never? *snort*
Were you watching the same TV show I was?

One of these days, I’m going to find my Watcher necklace. In high school, I never went a day without wearing it. Which, looking back, might be one of a hundred reasons I didn’t date much in high school. Or maybe I just hadn’t found the right Highlander fan to share my passion with back then. I’m sure I didn’t get rid of the necklace… but I haven’t been able to find it for years. I suspect it’s in some box from my storage unit I haven’t gone through yet.

Until I find it, I will have to resort to showing my love for my all-time favorite television program, Highlander: the series, in the form of wall art. I am now the proud owner (and displayer) of a carved, wooden Watcher symbol.


Looks great up there on the wall, doesn’t it? Yeah, well, it didn’t have the easiest path there.

I first saw it years ago at a store at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. As the show’s last episode was in 1998, it’s not often that you encounter Highlander merch these days. I was drawn to it immediately. I was at the faire with a friend who was purchasing an item at a different shop for her house, and I decided to make myself a promise: as soon as I bought my own house, I would buy the Highlander Watcher’s symbol and hang it over my door. Every year at the faire, I spotted the symbol, lusted after it, but stayed true to my promise. After all, what good is a lovely, crafted, wooden anything without somewhere decent to display it?

Finally, last year I bought my own house. I still haven’t had a housewarming party… because I still haven’t moved in completely or unpacked. I suspect all my friends and coworkers have given up hope by now. But it is one of my 101 Things in 1001 Days, so there’s still a good chance one day they will all be invited over eventually. Anyway, last year I skipped going to the Maryland Renaissance Festival because I was sick the weekend all my friends were going. I thought longingly about the Watcher symbol I wanted to buy, but decided my dream could wait a year. After all, at that point in time, I wasn’t living in my new house yet so it didn’t really feel like mine yet.

WoodenCarvings1 WoodenCarvings2

This year, I missed out on going as well. And, in fact, two friends went and I only realized afterward that I should have asked them to buy the item for me. The thought hadn’t even occurred to me. I had such tunnel vision: drive all the way to the faire, buy the Watcher’s symbol, hang out with friends, then drive home. It didn’t occur to me that there could be a variation of that which might work better for me, especially as my recent health issues are preventing me from eating anything sinfully delicious on a stick. However, when I heard another friend was going the following day, I seized the opportunity. At practically the last minute, I sent an email asking if she might be able to pick the item up for me. I included photos I’d taken of it on previous visits, including one photo with the item circled, so she would know exactly what I wanted.

And, because she is a great friend and a wonderful person, she picked it up for me! It is beautiful–everything I had hoped for all these years. Aaaaaaand now I think we have more evidence of why I’m not dating now. The point is, I am now the proud owner of a wooden Watcher symbol to be displayed… um… over my door? There was a spot right above my door that was perfect for it. For months now I’ve envisioned that spot being filled with it. But now that I had it… the spot above my television set was looking like an even better choice. I liked the irony involved in having a Watcher symbol above something I watched Highlander on. And I didn’t want anything too busy above the TV, such as a poster or something, that would detract from the television screen. Still… above the door… I’d imagined that for years! I ended up asking friends and even asking the highlander worldwide Yahoo group for advice. In the end, I went with the spot over the television set. Which, of course, you know because of the image above.

WatcherSymbolI used some strong command adhesive strips to mount it on the wall, in case I ever wanted to easily take it down again. I carefully measured so that it was dead center and I stuck it on the wall. It stayed. And I was thrilled. I took a few photos and called it a job well done. Then I headed into my office/craft room to write. About twenty minutes later, I hear a loud THUNK. With a terrible feeling that I knew exactly what that was, I returned to my living room to find the symbol gone and hiding so far behind the television cabinet I couldn’t see or reach it. After reaching between the cable box and DVD player shelves, I managed to dislodge it from the cables and roll it to the side enough for me to reach it. I surveyed the situation for a moment, considering my options. I had brought a nail and hammer up from downstairs, but for some idiotic reason, I decided to give the command strips one more try. So I went to stick it back up and discovered the fall had cracked it slightly! It’s not noticeable at all, thankfully, but I felt just awful for damaging it. Carefully eyeballing the location, I put it back on the wall, pressing harder this time, holding for longer this time. And this time it stayed in place. I was thrilled. I returned to my NaNoNovel and continued writing, but not before I put two blankets behind the television set. There was little chance of it falling again, but just in case it did, I wanted to keep it from breaking a second time. About fifteen minutes later, there was a soft thunk. There it was, behind the television, resting on the blankets. For my third attempt, I drove a nail into my beautiful wall and sucked up the damage. It’s worth it, though. The thing has not fallen since and I think it looks great mounted there. I see it every time I enter or leave my house, as it’s just to the side of my front door. So even though it’s not directly above the door, it’s still got a great presence and I’m thrilled with my decision.

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