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Quiz: Which Outlander Character Are You?

Quiz: Which Outlander Character Are You?

Answer: Gellis Duncan
Beautiful, with bright green eyes that span the centuries of her offspring, Gellis is a time traveler, intent of aiding Bonnie Prince Charlie in the rising of 1745, She uses herbs to aid and injure; manipulating circumstances to her advantage, always. She befriends Clarie to learn more about her, yet provides an ill wish when asked. She is only concerned with herself.

Thoughts: Oh really? I wouldn’t know how to manipulate circumstances to my advantage if my life depended on it! And self-centered, she is! And crafty! Okay, yes, I’d probably be a Jacobite supporter and it would be neat to be a time traveler, especially one with some magic on my side. But I hope that there are more ways I’m different from Gellis than ways we are the same.

This was a strange quiz. Not too many choices, some of which were terribly obvious, and a few strange questions. The last question, especially, was strange/wrong.

What character am I like? Ian Alastair Robert MacLeod Murray (senior). I always identified with Ian.

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Top Ten: Things I Liked About Outlander

I was honestly not all that excited about the new Starz Outlander series. It was really neat that one of my favorite book series was being turned into a series finally. And the trailer looked good, but no one and nothing matched my mental images (and having read the first few books of the series more than a handful of times each, I have some strong mental images). So I really couldn’t get excited about it. Plus, I don’t have Starz or the money to subscribe to a premium channel, so even if I loved it, I would have to wait to watch it. Luck, however, was on my side and I was able to watch the first episode this weekend. And… so…


The very nature of this list means… SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! Consider yourself warned!

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