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Top Ten: A Fandom Present Wishlist

With the holidays approaching, I thought it was time for another themed list. Here are my fandom-related requests, most of which are not available in stores, so it’s definitely up to Santa to make some of these happen for me.

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License Plate: LIL K9

One more found during the 50th Anniversary event last year.


Awww, K-9.

Top Ten: Scary T-Shirts

In honor of the upcoming holiday, here are some of my scariest fandom shirts. And by scary I mean not very scary at all really.

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Top Ten: Fandom Things I Wish I Could Make

Sometimes I will pin things on my Ideas & Inspirations Pinterest board with every intention of trying my hand at that project or something similar to it at least. But every so often I come across a craft that is so amazing I could never hope to duplicate it.

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Top Ten: Characters I Sort Into Hufflepuff

hufflepuff_crestPeople who know me know I like to sort people I meet into Hogwarts Houses. I can’t do it with all people, but some people give off pretty strong indicators. I do the same thing with fictional characters.

I thought it would be fun to come up with 10 characters I sort into particular houses. And, as I’m a Hufflepuff, I thought I’d start with my favorite house. I thus give you ten characters I usually sort into Hufflepuff:

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Top Ten: Fandom Creations at Brickfair

Okay, once again I fail at a Top Ten list and had to go Top Fifteen. I don’t see anyone complaining. There is so much fannish goodness that comes out of somewhere like a LEGO fan convention and so much creativity. I couldn’t help but admire more than just ten! Despite being numbered, these are really in no particular order. Click on the photos for bigger versions, please! These previews are somewhat blurry and don’t do them justice. Seriously, click on them for a proper look. Trust me. Also, the titles are my own in most but not all cases, because I have to call them something and not all the MOC cards came out in my photos.

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License Plate: DAVROS

Another catch at the 50th Anniversary event.


I love that this one also has the NASA logo; how appropriate!

Top Ten: T-Shirts (Part 1)

These are fandom shirts I have purchased from Shirt Woot. I don’t buy a lot from there lately (TeeFury gets most of my business lately, because they email me with their t-shirts daily), but I do have some from this company by various artists. I suspect I will do other posts of this sort in the future. I’ve got a shirt-buying problem. LOL


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Quiz: Which Doctor Are You?

Quiz: Which Doctor Are You?

Answer: Congratulations! You’re the Tenth Doctor
The good news is, people seem to really like you. You’re kind and generous and warm company, and you’re never short of the right thing to say in a difficult moment.

However, you’ve been through some fairly tough times, and it can sometimes feel like all of this affection is just raining down and the bouncing back off your defences.

You put on a brave face, but sometimes that feeling of isolation can be hard to bear.

It’s just as well you have some amazing friends to help you deal with it.

Thoughts: I didn’t expect this at all! I was thinking I’d get, maybe, One. But this description of Ten (my favorite doctor) is actually pretty accurate. And I love my friends for being there for me 🙂

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The Doctor Was Here!

I came home on Monday this week to see this on the sidewalk under the archway about a foot and a half from the side of my house:

(Please click for a bigger, better image)

Two possibilities exist:
1. one of the neighbors’ kids is filled with awesome and decided to choose the sidewalk outside my house to decorate with awesome just by coincidence
2. the doctor visited my neighborhood and documented the adventures he had with a dalek, the TARDIS, and, apparently, a long pole

Both possibilities, while not equally likely, are pretty cool, honestly. Yay for artistic geeks sharing the happy with the rest of us! Also, the best part of this is that it’s drawn under the archway, so it’s not going to go away unless we have a seriously hard rainstorm with lots of wind and flooding. So I’ve been enjoying walking past the TARDIS every day to & from work this week. Fantastic!

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