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Top Ten: Fandom Things I Wish I Could Make

Sometimes I will pin things on my Ideas & Inspirations Pinterest board with every intention of trying my hand at that project or something similar to it at least. But every so often I come across a craft that is so amazing I could never hope to duplicate it.

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Top Ten Random Fanfic Fandoms

I’ve written a whole lot of fanfic over the years. Here are the top ten obscure fandoms in which I’ve written fanfic. In fact, for each of these, I’ve only written one fanfic (and will never write another, in most cases)

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Top Ten: Fandoms I’m Behind On

Sometimes things happen that make me put shows I love on hold. This could happen due to my DVR eating episodes and I don’t realize it until I try to start watching, or because I just lose interest. I fully intend to get back to all of these one day.

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Top Ten: Fandom Creations at Brickfair

Okay, once again I fail at a Top Ten list and had to go Top Fifteen. I don’t see anyone complaining. There is so much fannish goodness that comes out of somewhere like a LEGO fan convention and so much creativity. I couldn’t help but admire more than just ten! Despite being numbered, these are really in no particular order. Click on the photos for bigger versions, please! These previews are somewhat blurry and don’t do them justice. Seriously, click on them for a proper look. Trust me. Also, the titles are my own in most but not all cases, because I have to call them something and not all the MOC cards came out in my photos.

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Top Ten: Things I Liked About Outlander

I was honestly not all that excited about the new Starz Outlander series. It was really neat that one of my favorite book series was being turned into a series finally. And the trailer looked good, but no one and nothing matched my mental images (and having read the first few books of the series more than a handful of times each, I have some strong mental images). So I really couldn’t get excited about it. Plus, I don’t have Starz or the money to subscribe to a premium channel, so even if I loved it, I would have to wait to watch it. Luck, however, was on my side and I was able to watch the first episode this weekend. And… so…


The very nature of this list means… SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! Consider yourself warned!

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Top Ten: Fandom Couples (Het Version)

I just realized I forgot to write a Top Ten list this week! Oops! Better late than never. The topic of this list was suggested by one of my blog followers (thanks so much).


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Top Ten: Things That Harry Potter Has Given Me

harry_potter_paperback_setHarry Potter is one of my main fandoms, and its books and movies have given me entertainment, wisdom and concepts worthy of great thought, and all sorts of emotional rewards (not even counting great fanfiction). But there are some other, unexpected things that have come with the stories.


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Top Ten: Things I Liked About the 2nd Hobbit Movie

the-hobbit-desolation-of-smaug-movie-posterI spent last week ranting about what didn’t work for me in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. And while it is still probably my least favorite of all the movies in this current franchise, there was definitely things I loved about it. So to balance out my rantings from last week, here are some of the things I loved.


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Top Ten: Things I Disliked About the 2nd Hobbit Movie

the-hobbit-desolation-of-smaug-movie-poster As a Lord of the Rings fangirl, I loved The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. But it is my least favorite of all the movies. The first Hobbit movie was so much better in my eyes, even though it gives my friends fits when I say so. I saw the movie twice in theaters and still didn’t feel like I could write a proper review. I felt so let down during the movie. It’s full of great moments I loved (see next week’s list), but my overall feeling each time I walked out of theaters was disappointment. So I waited until I could watch it again at home before writing up a list.


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Top Ten: T-Shirts (Part 1)

These are fandom shirts I have purchased from Shirt Woot. I don’t buy a lot from there lately (TeeFury gets most of my business lately, because they email me with their t-shirts daily), but I do have some from this company by various artists. I suspect I will do other posts of this sort in the future. I’ve got a shirt-buying problem. LOL


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